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Entertainment for Restaurants, Hotels & Parties

Ian offers various entertainment options, dependant on the number of guests, type of event and the size & layout of the venue.

Restaurant, Hotel, Party Entertainment at it´s best from Magician Ian BallRestaurant & Hotel Entertainment
In busy restaurants, hotels and café bars, close-up magic is the perfect way to keep your guests entertained whilst their meals are being prepared.

With the magic happening at, not on, the table you can treat your clientele to their own personal close-up magic show.

Magic can also be used for themed nights during the week and, with the right promotion, can turn a quiet Tuesday into the busiest night of the week!

Engagements, Anniversaries, Birthdays, Bar-mitzvahs and Christmas are all wonderful occasions. By using a mixture of close-up, strolling and cabaret magic they can become magical.

Close-up magic is ideal where people are seated at tables, with the magic performed between the courses, giving everyone their own mini magic show.

For a less formal setting such as a buffet or garden party, strolling magic where Ian mingles with your guests, is the perfect solution. Ian entertains without the need for stages or cumbersome props because the magic is quite literally in his hands and more often than not, in the hands of your guests.

This style of magic is also popular for drinks or cocktail receptions and Ian regularly performs as a Strolling Magician while guests are arriving for a formal banquet, where he then entertains them, close-up, at the table.

Using magic at weddings is a great way to make a very special day....magical. Because there are so many options, I have a separate web site just for weddings that you can visit at Magic for Weddings.

Large Events
For very large parties, in excess of 150 it may be necessary to book other magicians in order to ensure that all of your guests are entertained.

Ian is able to book as many magicians as may be required and can guarantee that only top quality performers will be booked.

As well as magicians you may also like to book Caricaturists, Silhouette Cutters and Fortune Tellers. Further information is available on request.

For more information and no nonsense advice on how to make your next party magical contact Ian today.


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